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Hello there!

This is AGELOOP, an advocate of environmentalism

We advocate low-carbon travel, we advocate the reuse of daily necessities as much as possible, we advocate garbage sorting, and we advocate the use of products made of environmentally friendly materials...

To this end, AGELOOP will do its best to develop, produce, and promote environmentally friendly products.

This is Frank (the founder) making a major decision to establish AGELOOP after he has already achieved success in other businesses.

It is like when we bring convenience and pleasure to people because of the advancement of modern technology, but also deepen my concerns about the environment.

Our thoughts and behavior:

Although our communication ability is very limited, we will build AGELOOP as a century-old company. We believe that AGELOOP will leave a better impression on people.

If our efforts can do something for the future of this planet, it is far more proud than monetary rewards.

So we will not only make environmentally friendly products but also be an environmentally friendly communicator...

In the process of product promotion, we let everyone pay attention to the issue of environmental protection, instead of forcing us to make huge changes in our lives in 10 or 50 years or in the near future...

Plastic waste pollution current situation:

Plastic waste and pollution have captured the attention of the public, governments, and businesses around the world. Along with the search for solutions that can be scaled up, there is growing recognition that addressing the symptoms of this crisis through clean-ups is not enough. We need to move away from today’s linear take-make-waste model and fundamentally rethink the way we design, use, and reuse plastics.

plastic pollution is rapidly outpacing efforts to stop it. By 2040, if we fail to act, the volume of plastic on the market will double, the annual volume of plastic entering the ocean will almost triple, and ocean plastic stocks will quadruple.and in 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

The circular economy solution to plastic pollution - sets out clear urgent actions for businesses and governments, including:

Rapidly design all plastic items to be reusable, recyclable, or compostable.

what do we do? :

Our products are centered on recyclable materials, which are taken from nature and will return to nature, and then extracted from nature again to form a cycle...

So what we sell is not just products, but preparations for sustainable earth in the future...

I hope you can do useful things with us on our blue planet! Thank you!

Ageloop a Nature's Porter!


Company address:

Room 5003, Floor 5, Yau Lee Centre
45 Hoi Yuen Road,
Kwun Tong hongkong