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Best iPhone X/XS Case

sur June 26, 2022

You want to change a more fashionable design for your iPhone X case / iPhone XS case? We've got a ton of different designs to fit any style you want—and they come in eco-friendly compostable materials! The natural elements of trees, leaves, flowers, mountains, and rivers are awesome for you to bond your love for nature with your daily necessities.

The best iPhone X/XS case is the one that you can use for years to come. That’s why we recommend investing in a quality, durable case. We’ve picked out our favorite cases for both the new and old iPhones, so you can find something perfect for your needs. Action quickly to get one for your loved iPhone X or iPhone XS.


iPhone X Case with Compostable

Shatter-Resistant Compostable Phone Case

Your phone case will become your reliable partner when you meet the disaster of falling on the ground. Our phone case is made from biodegradable material, which can not only make it durable but also keeps the phone protected in style with a better design. Bright and bold, our case is sure to turn some heads. Four protruding parts have a bumper function, you’ve got peace of mind that your device will be protected from scratches and falls.


iPhone XS Case with Crossbody Compostable

Crossbody Compostable Phone Case

Do you love black, white, yellow, and pink colors? If you do, this is the case for you. This case features a base color that looks like it captures a vintage design with its bright color. The string on the bottom of the case adds another dimension of playfulness to this already fun and cute case. Your iPhone will look fun and stylish when placed inside this awesome shell!


iPhone X Case with Flower Compostable

Compostable iPhone X Case with flower pattern

iPhone X Case with Flower Compostable is a new iPhone case that is made of compostable materials.  It has a flower design on the back and can be used as an eco-friendly phone case for your iPhone X. Love let you see the rose of hidden thorns, which was a Spanish sentence mixed in the black and white flower blossoms. It’s an extraordinary fit to any accessories requiring fashion match.


iPhone XS Case with Cartoon Pear Pattern

Biodegradable iPhone Xs Case with pear pattern

The iPhone XS Case with Cartoon Pear Pattern is a cute and stylish case for your iPhone. This adorable iPhone cover is a must-have for any nature lover. The pears shapes combined with cute leaves on a black and white ground equip you with lovely impression to be attractive. You can choose one that matches your style or mood!


iPhone X Case with Classic Landscape Sketch

eco friendly iPhone X/xs Case with mountain creek pattern

This is a beautiful iPhone X case that features an original sketch of the classic landscape. The sketch is very detailed, which makes it look like you are holding a real pencil in your hand. The slim fit case is as well suited for everyday use as they are for special occasions. You will enjoy the black and white image of the mountains, trees, and river because that is how we love the world.


iPhone XS Case with Skyscraper Sketch

Compostable iPhone XS Case with Skyscraper Sketch pattern

Perfect for the minimalist. Stand out from the crowd with an iconic design. It has an amazing design and it’s made of high quality material. A simple yet sophisticated design of the classic movie-like skyscraper, this black and white phone case is the perfect accessory for phone users showing a sense of art. ou can use this case on daily basis without any problems or worries about the damage to your phone.


iPhone X Case with Polar Bear

Biodegradable iPhone X Case with Polar Bear pattern

iPhone X Case with Polar Bear is a very cute and stylish iPhone X case. It is made of high quality material which makes it durable. The design of the case is very unique and attractive. Gorgeous and whimsical, this adorable phone case is the perfect way to express your personality. Made with love, they are super lightweight and make it easy to take that perfect selfie!


iPhone XS Case with Countryside Pattern

Eco friendly iPhone XS Case with green Countryside Pattern

This phone case is the perfect way to represent your love for nature. It features a pattern on the back which will give your phone an attractive look. It has a countryside pattern which makes it look really good and looks very cool on your phone. The cute design of houses, trees, and clouds will put you in a relaxing mood! This is one of the most popular cases among people as they get maximum protection at affordable price tag along with great design and style.


iPhone X Case with Salad Pattern

Compostable iPhone X Case with salad pattern

This is the perfect case for anyone who loves a good salad. The bright colors and beautiful images of fruits and vegetables will make you delightful every time you use your phone. This case is made of premium quality material and it has the best design. The color combination is amazing and you will love this case for sure.


iPhone XS Case with Green Shoe Print

biodegradable iPhone Xs Case with green shoe print pattern

A fun and creative idea for a phone case. A shoe print to remind you of your favorite memory. This case deserves your showing off to your friends how interesting you are. You’ll love it truly. The case features a beautiful green shoe print design on the back of the case. This is an ideal choice for those who want to make their phone stand out from all other phones in their collection.


iPhone X Case with Yellow Flower

Eco-friendly iPhone X Case with yellow flowers pattern

Bright and beautiful, this yellow phone case is fun and cheerful. The bold design of the flower petals offers a nice contrast to the bright gold finish, while adding elegance and grace to your phone. It is made of high quality material and it has beautiful design. The case looks very elegant and stylish, which makes your phone look more fashionable.


iPhone XS Case with Green Forest

compostable iPhone Xs Case with green triangle forest pattern

It has a beautiful green color and the design of this case is very unique. This forest-themed design is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy a walk-through the nature in the comfort of their own home, or someone who just enjoys being able to relax without worrying the possible damage from accidental drop. It’s both stylish and protective.


iPhone X Case with Banana Leaf Print

biodegradable iPhone X Case with Banana Leaf Print

iPhone X Case with Banana Leaf Print is a unique case design which has been created by our designers. The Banana Leaf Phone Case, with its simple yet beautiful design, is perfect for keeping your phone case looking new and clean. These vivid lines make this phone case look even more interesting. It helps you to say out “I love nature.”


iPhone XS Case with Blue Leaves

eco friendly iPhone Xs Case with Blue Leaves pattern Print

Blue leaves with a white background are a fun design. The leaves look like they're part of the phone case, which is truly an interesting idea with fashion taste. Do not miss this to refresh your daily life. It also has a very good quality that makes this case more attractive to use, so hurry up and grab your favorite one today!


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