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Best iPhone 6/6s Case

sur June 21, 2022

Not easy to decide when picking out your favorite iPhone 6 case and iPhone 6s case? The best iPhone 6/6s case is the one that fits your budget and style, but also protects your phone from drops, scratches and other mishaps. We've reviewed many of the top cases for iPhone 6/6s so you can find a great fit for you. Get yourself a phone case made with quality compostable materials. It has good grip and texture to prevent the potential damage from scratches, drops and bumps.

Besides that, it benefits the environment as it is eco-friendly. There are more than a thousand options for you to pick from. What suits you better depends on your taste and personal preference. Below are the best sellers for you to choose from.



Polar Bear

iphone 6 case with Polar Bear pattern

Your phone is in good hands with our sturdy phone case. It features a cute design of a bear on the ice river. The iPhone 6 case back side of the case has a pattern that looks like polar bear skin, giving this case an interesting look. The case is made of compostable plastic which writes your love for animals.



Salad Tie

iPhone 6 case with salad pattern

Enjoy a healthy lunch or dinner with this iphone 6 case featuring a vibrant salad bursting with fruit and vegetables. Cool, right? It’s made of durable material and it has a very nice finish. This wonderful idea makes the handphone case adorable and attractive.



Yellow Flower

iPhone 6/6s case with yellow flower pattern

The iPhone 6 case, with yellow flowers and petals. The floral design is both elegant and graceful. It will add a touch of elegance to your phone or fits any occasion. This stylish phone will make you stand out. It is made of high quality material and it has a good design which makes it look very attractive.



Blue Leaves

iphone 6 cases with Blue Leaves Print

With a matching iPhone 6s case, this future-like design has an interesting idea of blue leaves that are enough to make cute, adorable look. This case is a surprise mixed with some unexpected joy! You can keep this case for many years to come because of its good quality material used to make it. Treat yourself with this nice piece!



Black & White Pure-color Flower 

iPhone 6/6s case with flowers pattern

Pattern is black and white geometric flowers; the two colors combination is classic with a very cute floral pattern design that looks like a real flower. It looks great on clothes, bags, shoes, clothing accessories and so on. This iPhone 6s case is made of high quality material, it will make your phone look more beautiful and stylish.



Cute Pear Pattern

iphone 6s case with pear pattern

This iPhone 6s Case with Cute Pear Pattern is a cute and stylish case for your phone. It has colorful pears mixed with leaves coming out of this design, which perfectly match your pursuit for fresh vision. The case is made of high quality material that will protect your device from scratches, bumps and dents.



Classic Landscape Sketch

iPhone 6s case with Mountain Creek

A classic design with a modern twist, this black and white phone case features an abstract mountain and river landscape that looks like an original sketch. This unique piece will add a touch of style to any phone. The iPhone 6 case is made from high quality material, so you can use this case for a long time.



Skyscraper Sketch

iPhone 6 case with Skyscraper pattern

Our Simple Skyscraper design is the perfect iPhone 6 case for any guy who loves movies, especially classic black and white films, making this case perfect for artists and architects alike! This is a stylish phone case that shows off your love of modern design and simplicity.



Countryside Sketch

iphone 6 cases with village pattern

This iPhone 6s Case is a countryside sketch pattern. Take a walk through the countryside when you travel with this phone case. A colorful scene and peaceful path will give you relaxation wherever you go. This case will give you an elegant look for your phone.



Shoe Print Joy

iPhone 6 case with shoe print

The iPhone 6s Case with Shoe Print Joy pattern is a unique iPhone case which is made of high quality material and it has the best printing technology. The pattern will give your phone a new look and make you feel special. You can also get this case as gifts for your friends or family members who are crazy about fashion!



Triangle Norway Forest

iphone 6s cases with forest pattern

Trees are one of nature's beautiful creations, so why not show off your love for the outdoors with this Triangle Patterned iPhone 6s case? With a background that looks like it's straight out of a forest, this case is perfect for those who enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature..



Banana Leaf Print

iphone 6 case with Banana Leaf Print

There’s nothing better than a nice banana leaf print on your iPhone 6 case. This unique beautiful design will do just that. The lovely pattern makes it perfect for any outfit and the vivid lines catch your eye immediately. The new joy of looking nice.




Best iPhone 6/6s case

Made from compostable material, this case is not only durable but also keeps the phone protected in style. If you want an anti-fall phone case, our phone case must be your dreaming iPhone 6 case which is durable and can protect your phone with a better design. This anti-fall case can protect your phone from scratch, but also made of eco-friendly material, which can be biodegradable without pollution. Our phone case’s cover is not only convenient to hold, but also smooth and comfortable to touch. The bright color will add more fun to your life.


Lanyard Phone Case

iPhone 6 case with Lanyard

Just like our matching iPhone 6s case, this case shows off a fun color combination. The base color is a bright yellow that seems to capture a vintage design. This case is simply timeless. A string on the bottom of the case make it look extremely playful. Your phone will look fun and stylish. Bright and colorful, this case is great for those who have a “cute” aesthetic. The eco-friendly material and bright color make it even more adorable!


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