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Will Your New iPhone 14 Case Fit the Old iPhone 13?

sur October 06, 2022

In the last article Do iPhone 13 Cases fit iPhone 14? we answered the question of whether the iPhone 13 case can fit on the iPhone 14. Readers still have many questions about whether the iPhone 14 cases can fit on the iPhone 13, therefore, below we will see if the new iPhone 14 case is suitable for your existing iPhone 13, explain why Apple keeps changing the size of the iPhone, and evaluate whether you need a differen case.

The most obvious difference between the iPhone 14 series and 13 series is that the camera area is larger and the camera protrudes more on the new models. Therefore, the 14 series cases must have a larger camera hole and be thicker. As a result, the two series cannot use the same cases.

Do iPhone 14 cases fit the iPhone 13?


There are two types of cases: one that has multiple small holes, and the other with only one large hole. We want to remind you that if of your iPhone 14 case has multiple holes for the camera area, it will not work on the iPhone 13, Because the multiple small holes are designed for the camera, the flash, and the microphone, the size and position of the camera area of the iPhone from the 13th generation to the 14th generation have changed, so the cases will not line up on the opposite phone, However, if you don't mind that the hole for the camera area will be larger than necessary, you can use the iPhone 14 case on the iPhone 13.

Appearance comparison of iPhone 14 and iPhone 13

Put the iPhone case onto your basic iPhone 13. Even though both are 6.1", the body size is a little different. The iPhone 13 doesn't fit perfectly into the iPhone 14 case. The difference between iPhone 13 and 14 is so small that you can call them the same, however, the slightly larger camera area on the iPhone 14 means that the cases are not interchangeable.

Will the New iPhone 14 Pro case fit the iPhone 13 Pro?


There are two situations. First, if your iPhone 14 pro case has multiple camera holes, it cannot be used on the iPhone 13 Pro. Because the multiple holes are designed for the camera, the flash, the sensor and the microphone, and the size and position of the camera area have changed, any case that does not have these precise small holes will not fit properly. On the other hand, if your case has only one large hole for the camera area, and you don't mind that there is extra space in the lower right corner of the hole, you can use the iPhone 14 Pro case on the 13 Pro.

However, we do not recommend that you do this, because different phone case manufacturers have different camera hole designs and sizes, which means that a perfect fit is not guaranteed.

Appearance comparison of iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 13 pro

Because the iPhone 14 Pro has an upgraded 48-megapixel main camera to support 8K video recording and improve weak light imaging, the holes of the wide-angle, ultra wide-angle and telephoto lenses have been enlarged, which leads to changes in the hole positions of the lenses, flash lamps and LiDAR lasers. The iPhone 14 Pro has a larger camera and a new button position, and the positions of the power and volume buttons have also changed, which means that the cases for these two phones are not interchangeable. Therefore, we recommended that you buy a new iPhone 13 Pro Case.


Do iPhone 14 Pro Max cases fit the iPhone 13 Pro Max?


The iPhone 14 Pro Max case is not suitable for iPhone 13 Pro Max models because of their different structures. The iPhone 14 Pro Max has a larger camera and different side button positions, so the new iPhone 14 Pro Max case won't fit your old iPhone 13 Pro Max. In this instance, it would be much better to buy a new iPhone 13 Pro Max Case from AGELOOP, or keep using your old iPhone 13 Pro Max Case.

Appearance comparison of iPhone 14 pro max and iPhone 13 pro max

Put the iPhone 14 Pro Max case on the iPhone 13 Pro Max. You will see that the hole placements, especially the side buttons, are not the same as on the iPhone 13 Pro Max.
Similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has the same updated camera lens positioning. Because a larger sensor is used, the lens area is larger and protrudes more.



To sum up, the four iPhone 14 models are different from the 13 series mainly due to the larger camera area, so they cannot share the same protective case with the iPhone 13. Even though they are both 6.1 "and 6.7" in size, respectively, they are slightly different in appearance. as pointed out in the previous article , Do iPhone 13 Cases fit iPhone 14? If you try to swap the phone case, the most obvious problem is that the iPhone 14 needs a case with a larger camera hole. On the other hand, the iPhone 14 series cameras protrude more. and are thicker than on the iPhone 13. The side buttons are in a different, position as well.
The only way to ensure that your new iPhone fits perfectly into its case is to purchase an iPhone case that was built specifically for that model. It is always better to buy a new case instead of putting your expensive new phone in a used case.
Please keep in mind that you don't have to buy price protective covers from Apple; many third-party iPhone 14 cases provide the same protection, and you can buy them on AGELOOP for less.