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Will the iPhone 12 case fit the iPhone 13?

sur May 06, 2022

The IPhone 13 was launched in September 2021. Before we rush out to grab the new iPhone, you may be wondering how to deal with what you are holding in your hand now. The old phones will be sold out as second hand one, but how about the case?

Can the iPhone 12 case be used on the new iPhone 13? Do I need to buy a new iPhone 13 case? Before we start comparing the iPhone cases, probably most of us will be confused about whether they fit each other. And now it’s time to find an answer about “Will any of the four corresponding models of the iPhone 12 series and the iPhone 13 series share the same case?”


Will the iPhone 12 case fit the iPhone 13?

I know most of us will hope the answer is “yes”. However, it turns out to be the opposite.

The dimensions of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 are quite similar, but they still differ without doubt. It’s visible that the lens of the iPhone 13 at the camera module bump are in a diagonal direction, which is totally different with the iPhone 12, And the change of the iPhone 13 camera module will directly lift the camera hole part of the iPhone 12 Case. Some adjustments have also been made to the side button locations, So you can't operate the side buttons normally. So, the two mobile phone cases cannot be shared in any way. So we recommend buying the new iPhone 13 Case


Will the iPhone 12 pro cases fit the iPhone 13 Pro?

I can give you the definite answer “no”. The camera module of the iPhone 13 Pro has become larger than the iPhone 12 Pro. And there is a minor difference in thickness, which you may neglect. These two factors will never give you any excuse to try the iPhone 12 Pro case on the iPhone 13 Pro. Since getting the new iPhone 13 Pro, there is no need to keep the iPhone 12 Pro Case. do not worry! We'll take you to find the iPhone 13 Pro Case.


Will the iPhone 12 Mini case fit the iPhone 13 Mini?

They are not interchangeable. IPhone 13 Mini and 12 Mini have a slight difference in thickness and the position of the side buttons is different.

Compared with the iPhone 12mini, the lens of the iPhone 13 Mini also has changes in position and dimensions. The design of the lens alignment is also different.

If looked at with the naked eye, the iPhone 13 Mini and the iPhone 12 Mini do not differ so much, but in a more detailed way, the difference is quite big. So, the iPhone 12 Mini case and the iPhone 13 mini case cannot be interchangeable, either.


Will the iPhone 13 case fit the iPhone 13 Pro?

Sadly, no. Obviously the lens number is not the same. The iPhone 13 case should fit 2 lenses while the iPhone 13 Pro case should fit 3. Additionally, there is nothing common about the size and alignment of ​​the camera module between these two models. The camera module of the Pro is much larger, which directly leads to the problem that the iPhone 13 case and the iPhone 13 Pro case cannot be shared.


Will the iPhone 12 Pro cases fit the iPhone 12?

Most iPhone 12 Case and iPhone 12 Pro cases can be shared, but some blogs may declare that the two models can’t share the same case as they have evident differences about the camera area design. It’s true that the iPhone 12 has 2 cameras while the iPhone 12 Pro has 3 cameras. The frame materials they adopted also differ. However, the size of the two phone models is exactly the same, for both dimension of which are 146.7mm*71.5mm*7.4mm.

The difference in those two factors will not decide whether they are able to share the same case. Because if the camera bump area of the phone case is a big hole slightly larger than the entire camera module, then the same case can be shared between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro, just like this AGELOOP case. But if the camera bump area is divided into small holes for each lens and flashlight, there is no way to share.

After all these comparisons, we can conclude that only the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro can share the same case on condition that the case has a large hole for the camera bump area. But in other cases, there is no way for them to fit each other.

If you need to be more cost-effective in our daily life necessities including the mobile phone case, you can look at the  AGELOOP case, which has a large hole to match  both the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Pro.


Will the iPhone 12 Pro Max case fit the 13 Pro Max?

The answer is no. The iPhone 13 Pro Max case cannot be fitted as the lens modules of the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the iPhone 12 Pro Max are different in size, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max is slightly thicker by 0.01 inches. The thickness difference is minor,but it will also affect the user experience. In a word, the iPhone 12 Pro Max case and the iPhone 13 Pro Max case cannot be shared.


What cases fit the iPhone 13?

Since none of the iPhone 12 series cases fit the iPhone 13 series, the only solution left to us is to buy a new case perfectly designed to suit the iPhone 13 mobile phone. Currently, the current market is flooded with lots of plastic material phone cases, of which the most common ones are TPU type. Not to mention their quality defects of being easily transformed, yellowish or even being shoddy sometimes, the massive production can be quite harmful to our living environment.

On the contrary, the AGELOOP case is 100% compostable and eco-friendly, branding with blood of earth loving and protecting. Besides the eco-friendly concept, the AGELOOP team members are also dedicated to developing creative and superior quality cases to satisfy customers.

IPhone mobile phones are destined to keep evolving to meet the user requirement with advanced features and function. The users will also need to adapt themselves to equip their precious iPhone with cases of equivalent standard. Nobody should be blamed for choosing a stylish mobile phone case. It’s the market’s obligation to offer the phone users the option of using the mobile phone case with both eco-friendly and stylish features. And AGELOOP is honoured to take this responsibility.

Buying a mobile phone case specifically designed for a certain model is always the best choice. The cases not only need to protect against dust, scratch or shock, but also need to fit the mobile phones in the appearance aspects. Nobody would expect to have an inappropriate case to affect the normal function of camera use or power charging.