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Where to buy compostable plastic bags?

sur May 11, 2022

With the technological and industrial development, we had enjoyed convenience from plastic materials. However, our life was eased at the cost of burdening the earth with scattered garbage everywhere. The environmentalists initiated various events to plant the eco-friendly and sustainable ideas into earth residents’ mind, like using the eco bags. It relieved the solid pollution to some extent. But many people still can’t be adapted into this shopping habit because of inconvenience. What’s more, the eco bags can’t be applied to contain the kitchen remains and filthy excrement. Plastic bags are still necessary in our daily life. But fortunately, we have compostable trash bags to solve this issue.


Are ordinary plastic bags harmful to our environment?

It is a common sense that the ordinary plastic bags will harm our environment, including soil and water.  As most plastic bags are produced with non-degradable materials, the cell structure is stable and not easily degraded by natural microorganisms. It will change the PH value of the soil, seriously pollute the soil, and affect the sustainable use of land. In addition, plastic bags will release harmful gases, which often deteriorate if the cooked food is packaged in plastic bags.

Burning the plastic material will also produce lots of polluted air. Its residue will be left to the soil, from which the plants inevitably absorbed the poisoned substance. The fish and ocean ecosystem were contaminated, which furthermore contaminated our food resource. The organs and nervous system of human beings and animals will be damaged if taken the contaminated food.


Is compostable bag the best choice for earth protection?

Now we have options of biodegradable and compostable plastic materials available to dismiss the garbage bags pollution problem. Ordinary biodegradable garbage bag may be degraded by sunshine, heat, or microorganism. But it will not be completely degraded as its speed is rather slow, which often left much residue. And without time limit, the materials will leave some toxic residue in the earth.

The compostable garbage bags are biodegradable and can be degraded completely within a certain period by microorganism. It’s the most advanced eco-friendly bioplastic material until now.


What is compostable plastic bag?

From the hint “compostable”, you may have a rough idea that it can be composted as a fertilizer to help the growth of plants. The material of compostable plastic bags is from corn starch, straw or PLA/PBAT, which will eventually be dissolved as carbon dioxide, water, and mineralized inorganic salts. The degradability result must not exceed the stated time limit. The ingredients of the final compost must also pass toxicity tests to meet relevant standards.

where to buy biodegradable garbage bags


where to buy biodegradable garbage bags?

Currently, there are lots of so-called biodegradable garbage bags on the market. Some are not certified. And some compostable trash bags need to be composted in industrial conditions. Without relevant laws and facilities provided, these products may not be composted in the right way.

But AGELOOP products are among the certified brands that can be 100% composted in garden area with vegetables and plants. It produces fully compostable and biodegradable garbage bags and compostable phone cases, to ensure the eco-friendly slogan to be realized.