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What material is best for a phone case?

sur May 23, 2022

Currently, there are several types of material to be manufactured as mobile phone case. Most of the mobile phone cases are made from ordinary plastic and TPU, while others are made from silicone, leather, wood, metal, etc. Here we will have a detailed comparison among these materials to find out which material is best for a phone case.


How many types of material available for a phone case?

Plastic is the mostly used material for mobile phone cases, which has the advantage of being light-weight, highly affordable, protective, easy-clean and shock-proof.

TPU material, which is similarly affordable with plastic phone cases, is much stronger and can be made into various types of moulds easily. It’s advanced and reliable enough to be popularly used in other products like car interior and packaging.

Silicone, soft like rubber and often used in medical industry, is also an excellent option of mobile phone material cases. It’s quite flexible and feels good when you touch it, while providing outstanding shock-proof function as well. The only issue is that it cost slightly higher than the plastic type.

Besides the three types above, leather, wood and metal are also used to produce mobile phone cases. Their usage may not be as frequent as plastic and TPU. But they still satisfy a portion of phone users’ special preference about uniqueness and fashion.


Do you prefer hard phone case or soft phone case?

From the touch of mobile phone cases, they can be sorted as hard type and soft type. The wood and metal phone cases are obviously rigid and inflexible, which give us the impression being strong and protective. However, the minor gap between case and phone body may lead to the opposite result.

The soft phone cases usually include silicone and leather. Compared to the hard type, it has more flexible characteristics and suit the phone much better.

TPU materials can be made to both and soft type, which enable it to be the most welcomed material for a mobile phone case. The majority will prefer soft phone cases made of TPU material, which better fits the mobile phone and guard the handphone with high resistance to abrasion and shock.


Best material for phone case

Above we have listed some common materials for mobile phone case, which have their specific advantage and disadvantage respectively. They adequately support our handphone with basic protection and easy-operation function. But they can’t meet the requirement of protecting the environment. The best choice in this aspect is biodegradable material which will eventually turn into water and carbon dioxide. Consequently, based on environmental protection and design considerations, compostable phone cases should be recommended as the most suitable material for the future of the earth.

best material for a phone case


What is the drawback of ordinary plastic phone case?

The ordinary plastic phone cases sometimes omit bad smell if quality not good enough. What’s more, they hurt the environment. It’s a common sense that ordinary plastic products can’t be degraded because of their stable structure. Even a single use would cost hundreds to thousands of years to degrade, which is more likely to be broken down into micro plastic being harmful to plants and animals.


Is compostable case as endurable as ordinary plastic case?

Some may have concerns about the endurability of compostable mobile phone cases. Although biodegradable phone case is slightly weaker in strength and toughness than TPU, it can fully meet the various characteristics of mobile phone cases to provide protection. With advanced technology prevailingly adopted, it is almost as endurable as ordinary plastic phone case. The biggest distinction is that they can be composted as fertile soil to benefit our environment.

AGELOOP is a brand which provides customers with eco-friendly material products including biodegradable garbage bags and compostable phone cases. To ensure the sustainability, we have applied eco-friendly materials to all our products and promote this idea to our customers.

Nowadays we have lots of choices available when you are buying an iPhone case, you may be confused before you decide on the material type. There is no absolute answer about best material for phone case, as we have different standards of requirement.  Only the phone users can decide the priority among style, affordability, protectiveness. But it’s every one’s duty to reduce the plastic pollution to the earth by using the compostable and biodegradable phone cases instead of ordinary plastic products.