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How to put in a trash bag?

sur May 11, 2022

Have you watched the popular YouTube video, which taught how to put in a trash bag? You may laugh at this silly idea when it first came to your ears. What? I don't know how to put a garbage bag in?  I don’t know how to put in a trash bag after I have lived in this planet for decades of years

But when you were finally attracted in going through that video, you would realize that you really don’t know how to put in a trash bag in the right way.


Are you changing the garbage bag in the right way?

For me, I usually directly grab a folded garbage bag and shake it again and again to make it inflated. Then put it down to the bottom of the garbage bin.

This option may still work, but it’s not smart enough to show your gracefulness. Since we have aroused this issue, let’s find out the solution.


How to put a garbage bag in?

Grab the trash bag from the drawer or hook. Slightly outstretch the rim of the trash bag so that you can line it up to the top of trash bin. No need to shake. It looks like you are putting a shower cap to this trash bin. After the entire top is covered neatly, place your hand at the top point of this bag cap to tuck in completely until the bin base.

It’s quite easy, right? Just imagine if you could show off in front of your friends. I believe you will harvest a big wave of admiration.


How often should you change the garbage bag?

Some may change one time a day if scarce garbage is produced from their outdoor preferred living style. But some on the contrary, may change their garbage bag 4 to 5 times a day, as they enjoyed a couch-potato life with TV and snacks.

However, for most of us having normal work and home-stay routine, 2~3 times each day is a must for hygiene requirement. But you may need slightly bigger garbage bin if you have more family members with home dinner habit.


More tips on how to put in a trash bag

To save your time, you can tie your bag roll where you can easily grab one quickly, such as a wall-hanged box or rack. And when you are selecting an ideal trash bin from various options, you should keep an eye on those, the top of which the garbage bags can be hooked in easily.

Apart from the smart tips, the quality of garbage bags should also be paid attention to. Do not cut your spending on the qualified garbage bags to meet your basic needs. You will not like the feeling of being splashed to face or clothes by dirty kitchen remains if the garbage bag broke unexpectedly.

And are you also considering buying some biodegradable garbage bags or compostable trash bag as your contribution to the environment protection?

AGELOOP garbage bags, with eco-friendly blood, are 100% compostable and biodegradable other than meeting your basic needs.

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