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Do iPhone 6 Cases fit iPhone 7 and 8?

sur May 06, 2022
Do iPhone 6 Cases fit iPhone 7 and 8

The iPhone had developed themselves to higher versions with advanced features and exquisite look, but some classic models are still favoured by the users. The phone case vendors also shifted their attention to provide the equivalent case for the newer iPhone models. Therefore, the cases for older versions are not always available in the market, Like whether iPhone 6 case, iPhone 7 case and iPhone 8 case can fit each other. Recently, I happened to have some customers quite confused about their interchangeability as they may be attracted by a style that is not specifically for their own models. Let us explore more on this to find the answer.


Can you use the iPhone 6 case on the iPhone 6s?

I believe you will like this answer. Yes, you can. To judge whether a phone case fits another model, the most important factor would be the dimension match. The iPhone 6 is 138.1mmx67.0mmx6.9mm, while the iPhone 6s is 138.1mm x 67.0mmx7.1mm.Let's come to the camera location, side button position and the home button, they just look the same except their body weight .The iPhone 6s is 0.2mm thicker and 14g heavier than the iPhone 6.In addition, the "s" logo has been added, and a rose gold colour scheme has been added to the iPhone 6s model. So you can use the iPhone 6 case on the iPhone 6s


Does the iPhone 7 case fit the iPhone 8?

Luckily, the iPhone 7 cases and the iPhone 8 cases are interchangeable. So, if you had just done the upgrade, you don’t need to throw away the old case. Keep it for your new iPhone 8.

Their dimensions don’t differ too much, and the appearance almost keeps the same.

The iPhone 8, as the next-generation successor to the iPhone 7, has the same screen size, resolution and body size. There is also a difference that the iPhone 8 has returned to the era of double-sided glass design, front and back. Besides, there are also other upgrades such as the CPU technology.

But the changes mainly lie in the hardware aspects, not the appearance, which will in no way prevent you from keeping your old case.


Can the iPhone 6s Plus use the iPhone 6 plus case?

There is an invisible appearance detail that the iPhone 6s Plus uses a stronger 7000 aluminium alloy body material, which directly causes the weight to be 20g heavier than the iPhone 6 Plus. The selection of a stronger material also makes the iPhone 6s Plus more rigid and not easy to bend. However, the upgraded part from iPhone 6 Plus to the iPhone 6s Plus is still mainly about the hardware and software. When we are doing the comparison of body size and weight, it turns out that the difference is little enough to be neglected. If we put the two mobile phones together, we can see they are nearly the same with the naked eye.

Consequently, can share the iPhone 6 plus case with iPhone 6s Plus, too.


Can you use the iPhone 7 Plus case on the iPhone 8 Plus?

The dimensions of iPhone 7 Plus are also much alike. The weight is 14g different. The camera module and size button part are also at the same level. So, with regards to the appearance, the iPhone 8 Plus is not much different from the iPhone 7 Plus. The overall appearance style is basically the same, except that the colour option of the iPhone 8 has become less. What attracted the user to change to the next version is still about the function and hardware upgrade.

So with regards to whether the iPhone 7 Plus case can be used on the iPhone 8, the answer is still the definite “yes“.


Does the iPhone 6 case fit the iPhone 7?

After we’ve got all these exciting “yes”, you may naturally expect the same will happen between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7. But this time, the answer is not certainly positive and subjective to the design of the phone case manufacturer.

The size and weight almost remain the same figures, but there are details we cannot ignore, which are about the camera module and the bottom layouts. The most obvious discrepancy is about the size and location of the camera module. What’ more, the iPhone 7 had cancelled the 3.5mm headphone plug at the bottom, while the iPhone 6 kept it. Generally, if the designs are made specifically for the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 7, these two models can not share the same case consequently. Same situation will apply between the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 8.

However, some manufacturers are more thoughtful about the interchangeability of these two models, in case you happen to get a bundle of unused cases from your friend as he upgraded to the new model, which might fit your handphone.

AGELOOP is just this kind of considerate manufacturer, which will try every way to help you save money. We have specially designed a case that can meet the requirement of the iPhone 6/6s/7/8/SE 2020/SE 2022 simultaneously, even the circle earphone-plug opening for the iPhone 6 is reserved.

So, let’s return to the question, “does the iPhone 6 case fit the iPhone 7?” Before you decide to buy a case, you may need to research more on that. But if you choose the AGELOOP case, the answer is still a “yes”.


Can the iPhone 7 Plus use the iPhone 6 Plus case?

Just like the interchangeability between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 7, the answer is not a simple “yes” or “no”. It depends.

From the body size and body weight, the new iPhone 7 Plus is almost the same size as the previous generation iPhone 6 Plus. But the camera design is quite different, of which numbers and patch size are not alike with each other.  But don’t rush to conclude that the iPhone 6 Plus case is not interchangeable with the iPhone 7. Actually, It’s not absolutely negative. For some brands, the iPhone 6 Plus case can’t be used on the iPhone 7 Plus, likewise the iPhone 6s Plus will not apply on the iPhone 8 Plus. But it’s not the same story for AGELOOP. We have made some special treatment to deal with this after careful research on the various types of iPhone models.

The AGELOOP case we intentionally designed can meet the requirement of the iPhone 6/6s/7/8 Plus at the same time, including the circle earphone-plug opening for the iPhone 6 Plus.



Not all of us will have the same habit of using the phone case. Just like the lens area exposure issue, some are picky while some are more tolerant. If you don’t like the camera lens to be exposed too much, then you just buy a new iPhone case that perfectly fits the new iPhone. But if you are ok with that, you can save some money on this on condition that the old case will not cover part of the camera bump area. Just like the AGELOOP CASE.

Do the iPhone 6 cases fit the iPhone 8

From the table above, only the models that share the same colour can share the same case. Otherwise, they don't.