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The 9 Best Country Kitchen Supplies In 2022

sur July 01, 2022
biodegradable garbage bags for Country kitchen
The country style is now common in our life, because it can let us relax. So what are the characteristics of the country kitchen ? The core of country style is : return to nature, not elaborate carving. The main manifestation is the layout of each functional area, which is simple but distinctive. The idyllic style is generally used to making the kitchen open, which requires a convenience table in the corner of the kitchen, and also has powerful, simple and durable kitchen equipment, such as ovens, refrigerators, biodegradable garbage bags and so on.

Farm House Kitchen Utensil Holder

This is really a nice size! It was able to put all the utensils to use the most in it. It’s heavy so won’t slide and the cement look is great for the farmhouse look.Decorate the kitchen with this charming accent, such as kitchen utensils and cabinets. The round seat is made of cement, the color is gray, and has a light paint finish '. The farmhouse kitchen 'is carved in white on the side of the holder.

Biodegradable Garbage Bags

ageloop 8 gallon trash bags

This biodegradable garbage bags is designed with a vest, and its toughness is very good. Strong bearing capacity, environmental protection materials made of good sealing performance, no leakage. The main purpose of this garbage bag is to meet everyone ' s pursuit of quality and cost performance.

Wine Country Kitchen Décor Mug

Wine Country Kitchen Décor Mug

This mug has smooth glaze, uniform color, and no deformation at the mouth. The handle of the cup is installed upright, with fine workmanship and certain light transmittance. The sound is clear and has a small echo. The quality of the cup is good. The cup body is smooth without pinholes and blemishes.

Ember Country Cabinet

Ember Country Cabinet

This cabinet is cute. The rural two-tone rolling kitchen trolley adopts a sliding glass barn door with ' farm fresh ' and farm animal contour, 2 drawers, 4 drivers ( behind the sliding barn door ), 2 wooden baskets with iron wire, towel rods / handles, 4 foot wheels ( 2 locks ) and black iron hardware.

Classic Aprons

Classic Aprons


This classic apron has three spacious front pockets, which are very useful and perfect for all tableware and tools. Choose a design from our market, or customization, release your creativity ! 35 / 65 Cotton / Polyester Twill Blended Fabric for Machine Washing.

Town & Country Kitchen Playset - Refrigerator

The children 's size parallel refrigerator is made of 3 ' solid maple with cabinet maker quality. The furniture is chrome-plated hinge and pulled on the magnetic closed door. Natural non-toxic decorative surfaces do not have scratches like painted furniture, so these components can still maintain their beauty in years of hard work. The door is made of non-warping 1 W2 ' laminated timber.

Norpro 9-Piece Cupcake Injector / Decorating Set 3566

This cupcake injector suite includes 1 decorative injector and 8 cake nods. Capacity 1 / 2 cups / 120 ml. Including instructions and recipes. No BPA. Hand washable.Fill and decorate your cupcakes.

Carrot-Shaped Easter Metal Whisk with Plastic Handle

This carrot metal whisky is cute and decorative, which is very suitable for your spring baking needs. The open head structure allows you to easily stir air into ingredients. Whip up eggs, pancakes or carrot cake batter using this Wilton Carrot-Shaped Easter Metal Whisk.

NWOT Farmhouse Style Kitchen Accessories

This tablecloth uses high quality fabric, delicate and full, gentle touch. Fine pattern, wear - resistant scraping, can be washed by washing machine. Design Style of Rural Garden Style, Pursuit of Original Ecological Natural Protection, Combined with Modern Production Technology.

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