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16 Best China Kitchen Supplies You Must Have

sur July 05, 2022
China kitchen biodegradable garbage bags
The characteristics of Chinese dishes are various, unique flavor, well-known in the world, with distinctive national characteristics. Chinese dishes are very instrumental. The utensils and utensils of Chinese cuisine play a role in color enhancement of dishes, especially the dishes ( pots, shovels, etc. ) used for banquets and packages, which are not only practical but also beautiful ( the use of garbage bag can fully maintain the cleanliness of the kitchen ). Chinese kitchen style is not a pure element pile, but through the understanding of traditional culture, the modern elements and traditional elements together, so that the traditional art in today 's society is properly reflected.

Biodegradable Garbage Bags

ageloop 1.6 gallon biodegradable garbage bags roll

This AGELOOP biodegradable garbage bag uses the principle of biodegradation cycle, which is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and naturally degradable. High quality and fine workmanship. Use environmental friendly materials, waterproof and dustproof.


three rose red Spatulas

This Spatula is made of high quality silica gel, easy to clean, safe pan, no scratch, and very durable. Designed for novice and professional chefs. Its flexible, yet firm blade makes it a breeze to maneuver food, liquid, dry mixes, wet batters—and it slides under eggs like a dream

Easy Spread Butter Knife

Stainless Steel Easy Spread Butter Knife

This butter knife can cut out the soft ribbon, the ribbon gently scattered, will not tear your toast. Butter enthusiasts have made a large number of prototype models to make them perfect, and it is also excellent in dairy products and plain foods.

Wooden Spoon

a Wooden Spoon

This wooden spoon is made of hand-processed oak certified by FSC. The wear-resistant wood has smooth surface and antibacterial properties, which is very suitable for cooking. Wash only by hand.

Global Chop & Slice Chinese Knife, 7.75-In

a Chinese Knife, 7.75-In

This blade is made of one of the best quality steel - CROMOVA 18 stainless steel. The blade edge is ground on both sides of the blade like the western style blade ; to balance the blade, all Global knives have a unique hollow handle filled with the right amount of sand to create the perfect balance.

Riess Enamel Ladles

five white Enamel Ladles set

This stainless steel spoon made of enamel prevents bacteria from growing and resists acid, so it is very suitable for kitchen use. Enamel is made of iron and glass fused at high temperature. Porous, smooth, cut-resistant and scratch-resistant glass surface ensures perfect hygiene.

Vegan Dish Block

vegan plastic wrap

Helps keep food fresher for longer. Making the daily leftover storage as easy and long lasting as possible ! With six sizes you’ll have a lid for every container, pot, bowl and jar. Total ease with zero cling wrap. For sustainable cooking, cleaning and food storage sorted with one purchase, bundle and save today.


a pan

Fried meat, vegetables and stirred sauce in this big, deep and wide pan. Parma Plus kitchenware is fast and evenly heated, with excellent cooking effect each time. The granite non-stick coating is reinforced by revolutionary spots and ceramic particles to ensure rapid release and easy cleaning.

Gas Wok

a Stainless Steel Gas Wok

The gas wok uses gradient slope design to reduce overflow. Continuous igniter allows instantaneous ignition. The working temperature of the anti-clogging jet burner is 125000 BTU / h. Its front and side are stainless steel.

Miyabi KOH 400FC Chef's Knife 8-In

a Chef's Knife 8-In

Advanced FC61 fine carbide stainless steel - Rockwell hardness 61 - has unparalleled corrosion resistance and chip resistance. This cutting-edge steel ensures that the manually polished blade maintains its impressive sharpness for a long time.

Egg Boiling Timer Cooking Tool

Egg Boiling Timer Cooking Tool

Egg timer can be immersed in the same pot of boiling eggs. This tool changes color according to water temperature. So you can boil eggs to the hardness or softness you like. The egg timer lets you cook your eggs exactly as you wish.

Iron Wok

a Iron Wok

8CM With this heirloom-quality wok, healthy food and grandma's cooking can be passed on for generations. It does not just bring you health, but also with long-lasting life cycle, it keeps your family traditional flavor for your grandchildren.


Two pairs of black chopsticks

Bernadotte series is the real Scandinavian design symbol, even one of the most popular Georg Jensen series today. This elegant series is named after its original designer, the Swedish prince Sigwart Benadote. It perfectly combines practicality with simplicity and elegance.

Peelers & Zesters

Stainless steel Peelers & Zesters

The Peelers & Zesters is made of edible stainless steel. It can directly contact with food and is safe to use.Eco-Friendly, Stocked. Easy to clean, handle with modern design, comfortable to hold. Easy to use and store.

Dumpling Rolling Pin

Two wooden dumpling rolling pins

Made of maple, oak, cherry or walnut. A slender 9-11-inch rolling stick can easily make dumplings. It 's easy to roll and single-handed while releasing another hand to make dumpling dough. Easy cleaning.

Crimped Cutter Baking Tool

Three Crimping Knives Baking Tools