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18 Asian Kitchen Supplies You Need To Know

sur July 11, 2022
biodegradable garbage bags on the trash can in the asian kitchen
The main characteristics of Asian cuisine are Chinese cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Korean cuisine and Thai cuisine. Chinese cuisine is the main flavor of Asian cuisine. Japanese sashimi and sushi retain the original flavor of the food. Korean cuisine is sweet and sour. Acid and spicy are the main flavors of Thai food. In order to create a green environment, this article will introduce the kitchen utensils and biodegradable garbage bags used to make Asian dishes.


Biodegradable Garbage Bags

AGELOOP 2.6 Gallon Biodegradable garbage bags roll


Asian cuisines are complex, and the materials used are very diverse. In order to create a green kitchen environment, this biodegradable garbage bag can help you. Degradable biomaterials can keep the kitchen clean and various sizes can meet the requirements of the chef. 


Bamboo Utensil Set

Bamboo Utensil Set with bamboo chopsticks, spoons, forks and knives

Carry the tableware with sustainable development ! Use our reusable FSC certified bamboo chopsticks, spoons, forks and knives, as well as suction pipes with suction cleaners to reduce plastic use. Easy to carry.



Made of food grade glass with a large capacity - kitchen glass bottle


This kitchen glass bottle is made of food grade glass with a large capacity. Pragmatic and elegant, it comes in 3 sizes for infusing oils, making vinaigrettes, + even mixing bar cart blends. That allows you to mix, match and fill out your home.


Cookware Set Japanese Style Shokawa

Aluminum alloy Japanese pot

This Japanese pot is made of aluminum alloy. The handles are made of rubber wood, so they will not become hot. Both cookers have a non-stick coating and wear resistance. They are easy to clean, safe and environmentally friendly, more durable.

Wooden Spoon and Spatula

A set of three kitchen cookers
This is a set of three kitchen cookers made by Indonesian craftsmen. It is made of grapefruit with natural oil and rubber, making it perfect and lasting kitchen utensils. Comfortable grip, very suitable for cooking.

Food Silicone Lid

Food-grade silica gel food silicone lid

This food silicone lid is made of food-grade silica gel, which does not contain BPA, FDA and SGS approved materials and has no toxic effects on humans and food. Make your food fresher and longer, durable and easy to clean.


Cuisipro Stainless Steel Balloon Whisks

manufactured for daily use in the kitchen whisk

This whisk is designed and manufactured for daily use in the kitchen. It is useful for egg white or cream to make protein crisps or stir cream. The ergonomic handle is heat-resistant, rust-resistant and holds comfortable.


Stainless Steel Asian Pot

high quality stainless steel pot


This high quality stainless steel pot is made of food grade stainless steel materials, which can be directly contacted with food materials and can be used safely. There are a variety of size models available.


Striped Bamboo Chopstick

5 pairs of striped bamboo chopsticks

This striped bamboo chopsticks, 5 pairs one set, each color one pair. It was made of renewable solid bamboo and high-quality food materials. The handles of chopsticks are decorated with five different colors of narrow stripes and pointed heads that hold the food firmly.


Porcelain Soup Spoon

Made by food grade materials porcelain spoon

This porcelain spoon is made of food grade materials and can be cleaned by dishwasher. This deep porcelain spoon is used to scoop a spoonful of hot Asian soup.The white soup spoon makes a unique appetizer server too.


Stainless Steel Spider Strainer Basket

Natural bamboo handles stainless steel basket



This stainless steel basket is resistant to dyeing, discoloration and rust ; does not react with food or produce metal flavors. Natural bamboo handles keep cool during use and do not transfer heat to your hands. Used for leaching noodles or pasta, scalding vegetables, frying, etc.


Bamboo Steamer

Renewable solid bamboo


This bamboo steamer is made of renewable solid bamboo and high-quality food materials. Environmentally friendly degradable kitchenware. Steaming cages play an important role in Asian cuisine. It can be used to steam a lot of food, keep the original flavor and fresh food.


Promo Collapse-It Strainers

Can filter hot and cold food silica gel filter


This silica gel filter can filter hot and cold food, especially noodles. Also can fold flat, easy to store. The dishwasher can be used for cleaning. The 7" in diameter design allows for straining over your sink.


Steel Mandarin Strainer

Made of food grade stainless steel materials stainless steel filter


This stainless steel filter is made of food grade stainless steel materials, which can be directly contacted with food and can be used safely. Perforated filtration makes it easy to drain noodles with water, which is very suitable for the production of Asian cuisine.


Chef’s Knife

professional AUS-10 Japanese steel knife


This knife is made of professional AUS-10 Japanese steel. The carbon content increased by 2.5 times. This knife was strong enough to cut chicken bones easily, and it was fine enough to cut out the softest bread without dirt.


Microplane Professional Series Ribbon Grater

All stainless steel structure planer


This planer is all stainless steel structure, comfortable arc handle and anticked rubber, comfortable grip. The medium strip grinder is known for its double-edged tooth shape, which is thinned in two directions.



Beautiful suture edge placemat


This placemat has a beautiful suture edge, each with a series of retro patterns, all patterns can be mixed with our different tablecloth or mat. There are many patterns for your choice to add color to your table.


Silicone Handles

Natural, heat resistant and easy to clean silicone handles
The silicone handle is natural, heat resistant and easy to clean. This kitchen suite is made of durable black dumb silica gel and environmentally friendly acacia. The natural opening of the tongs is so convenient that they can pick up anywhere near enough food.

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