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we are constantly striving to push boundaries and drive our business forward. We thrive in a culture of restlessness and innovation, which is why we are always on the lookout for talented and inspired people to join the team - people who share our vision,We love nature, we will use our own actions to protect our environment, we not only sell eco-friendly products, but we will also spread an eco-friendly lifestyle. Right?




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Naturally HeartMade
A very sincere product. The Singapore government is also advocating that we use eco-friendly products. When I open it, it smells of wheat and makes me feel that the product is very intimate!
Pete Tng
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... have used 2 boxes of these now and am pleased with them
I have used 2 boxes of these now and am pleased with them. They are unscented and more environmentally friendly than alternatives. I've had little to no trouble opening them when needed and use a dispenser to hold them while I walk my dog. I'll buy them again...
Jude Cornwall
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Ich liebe es wirklich wirklich!
Wir haben uns endlich für Kompost entschieden! Es ist harte Arbeit für uns ... aber diese Taschen erleichtern den Prozess etwas. Seien Sie nur gewarnt, dass kompostierbare Beutel zerfallen, nachdem sie mit feuchten Speiseresten herumgesessen haben ... aber genau darum geht es bei kompostierbaren Beuteln.
Franky Greco
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これらに非常に満足しています。 彼らは素晴らしいサイズと非常に耐久性があります。 彼らは非常に簡単にロールから剥がれます。
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Compostable better
If you look at your dogs poo bags and wonder what they’re doing to the planet, get these. Compostable means they break down fully over time, biodegradable ones break down but can leave micro plastics.
Kevin Gallego
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Great Compost Bags
Great compost bags at a great price!! These are thicker than the Costco brand I had been using and I've had no issue with tearing the bags off as some reviews mentioned. I've had no issues with leaking either. I will definitely buy again.
kitson ng
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Good buy, not to stongly scented
As far as these types of bags to, I find them to do the job. Condensation is my only issue but I understand this happens with this application, so that being said I am happy with this item and will be purchasing more in the future.
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Just what a low-waste household needs!
I was sick of getting plastic bags at checkout and using that as an excuse to have bags to clean up kitty litter. These are the perfect replacement! I feel less guilty about cleaning my pets waste and don't have a need to use plastic at the grocery any more! My only complaint is that as a household of two adult cats, cleaning their box once a day, the bags are on the small side. But none-the-less they get the job done, hold a lot & hold up well. I recommend to everyone & will be repurchasing!
Genevieve Trudel



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