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How AGELOOP Eco-friendly

on August 14, 2021

Let Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Zero waste, Recycle and reuse is not just a slogan, It is engraved in the blood of our products! 

1,Package details

Many people are curious about how AGELOOP can guarantee our declared zero waste, Sustainable, Eco-friendly? 

and I want to tell everyone that this is not a complicated matter for someone who truly loves it! Not only our products, 

we will tell you from every detail: We are an Eco-friendly brand, and we will also work hard to guide consumers...

This is our warehouse colleague showing us our packaging Delivery details, compostable courier bag, compostable tape, 

ECO Reminder, ECO Greeting...This is the package you will receive. As an ordinary person, if you can’t avoid plastics, 

please classify them for recycling. If possible,please try to use products that are free of plastic and pollution...

This is the vision of AGELOOP!

2,How AGELOOP compost so easy

Our garbage bags can be composted together like fruits and vegetables because their raw materials contain plant

ingredients. After its fermentation and composting, it will produce non-toxic and harmless organic matter to

reopen the fertile land, so you can put us Treat your garbage bag as vegetable scraps!

3,Eco-friendly habit

Eco-friendly, Sustainable is not just a slogan. Our products are plastic-free, and the packaging boxes are made of

recycled paper. We should cherish the gifts of nature and give back to the products in a better way and One day

the recycled plastic products, Recycled paper products, compostable products will make everyone feel